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Saddle Butte Water Main Replacement


The 2009 Saddle Butte Drive – Water Main Replacement project consisted of replacing +/- 3450 LF of sewer main, including fittings, valves, hydrants, service connections, other appurtenances, and surface restoration. The area was served by 6” CIP which was replaced by 8” PVC. The cast-iron water line beneath Saddle Butte Drive has two separate pressure zones. The higher zone operates at +/- 80 psi and the lower zone at +/- 55 psi. The main had suffered many breaks in the past twenty years, but the breaks had become increasingly more frequent in the past two years, prompting the city to temporarily shut the high side valve off and feed from the low side for a period of time. By replacing and upsizing the water mains, the available pressures should exceed all required operating pressures. Additionally, the increased line sizes will ensure that adequate water pressures are available during fire events, thereby increasing the City’s public safety and fire protection capabilities.

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