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Cascade County Shops Petroleum Clean-Up

(environmental management)

One of Big Sky Civil & Environmental’s principals, Joe Murphy, has managed multiple phases of investigations on this site over the past thirteen (13) years. The facility is the former operations center for Cascade County’s Road and Bridge Department. Prior to that, the facility was home to a refinery until the early 1930’s. The site has witnessed multiple petroleum releases and other contamination events over the years. Elements determined to be contaminating the site are pentachlorophenol, PCB’s (Dioxin and Furans), arsenic, and petroleum products. The site had been a facility for treating wood as part of Road and Bridge operations. Recently (Summer Fall 2008), Big Sky Civil & Environmental completed the petroleum clean-up portion in the on-going efforts to rid the site of contaminants. Over 30,000 cubic yards of contaminated materials was removed from the site and hauled to a nearby land farm. Mr. Murphy has worked closely with the Montana DEQ throughout the entirety of the remedial investigations, reporting and cleanup efforts. Funding for the cleanup was sought and provided by the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, the Montana State Petroleum Release Board, and Cascade County. Subsequent phases currently underway are sampling, analytical testing and the development of a remedial investigative report and remedial activity work plan in order cleanup of the pentachlorophenol and PCP’s with its byproducts, arsenic, and dioxin|furans.

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